While businesses in the GCC are accelerating their adoption of cloud technology, Top Talent is helping them achieve their vision by providing high-quality talent sourced from more mature markets.

As technology consumption increases and people demand new ways of working in an ever more mobile world this is forcing companies to rethink how they deliver their critical services both internally to their staff and externally as products to the SMB and Enterprise Business Markets.

IoT is helping business make better decisions and forecasting solutions to save more and be more agile to gain a competitive edge. Being able to understand and adopt and IoT strategy is key for the longevity of any business. Top Talent have identified specialists across all levels to make this strategy reality in your business

To support this, Top Talent has worked to identify what roles and requirements are required and have identified top class talent to fill this. Areas in which we can place and find candidates include

Our areas of competence

Enterprise Cloud Architect

  • Evaluates business’ current capabilities, identifies engineering solutions, and delivers a roadmap for the implementation of DevOps capabilities.

Virtual Network Design Specialist

  • Plans, and designs virtual networks, analyzes and resolves network problems, and provides user training

Infrastructure Virtualization Specialists

  • Develops and maintains virtualization software for use.

Platform Migration Specialist

  • Captures migration requirements, creates cloud migration strategy, designs the orchestration plans, etc.

Cloud Administrators

  • Configures the cloud management service, and monitors and manages the services

ERP & CRM Cloud Specialists

  • Configures and deploys cloud-based ERP/CRM, documents SOP for ERP/CRM users, and conducts ERP/CRM training for internal staff