Data Warehousing

Actionable insights are key to the success of any organization, but to get these actionable insights – you need the right resource. With Top Talent’s in-depth experience in recruiting ‘00s of candidates within the data warehousing space and an extensive pool of candidates with expertise in latest tools and technologies, you can be rest assured of the best resource to fill that role.

At Top Talent, we conduct a 2-level screening which includes technical evaluation so that you do not invest time in meeting talent who may not be well-suited for your needs. Contact Top Talent today to build or extend your data warehousing & analytics team today.

Our areas of competence

Data Architect

  • Defines the standard common data vocabulary and data architecture, expresses strategic data requirements, outlines high level integrated designs to meet these requirements, etc

Big Data Engineer

  • Builds large-scale data processing systems, works with latest database technologies such as NoSQL, and understands the data warehousing solutions

Data Analyst

  • Translates numbers into business insights including sales figures, expenses, or revenue streams

Data Scientist

  • Interprets and represents data mathematically, uses a common language to access, explore and model data

ETL specialist

  • Designs the data storage system for the company, tests the data storage systems and troubleshoots any issues that may arise

DBA developers

  • Plans, designs, and configures the database. Troubleshoots and manages data backup, data recovery, etc.

BI Developers

  • Aggregates data from multiple sources for multidimensional databases, designs and plans BI solutions

BI Analyst

  • Identifies business intelligence, reporting, and data analysis needs