Drilling / Petroleum Engineering

At Top Talent we understand the hands-on and hard working nature of engineering professionals. We know drilling engineers expect concise information about new projects, opportunities and their contracts and payment terms. This expertise makes Top talent the leaders in liaising with and attracting top talent in this field.

Once wells are drilled they will undergo comprehensive preparation to enable the production of oil or gas, this stage is known as the completions process.In order to begin the entire process of drilling, geological analyses will first be completed with the use of specialized data. Results are then assessed from wells drilled nearby, which would include water wells, producing oil and gas wells and non-producing wells.

Our consultants constantly strive to achieve the best for both candidate and client, combining timely market knowledge with outstanding recruitment expertise.

Our areas of competence:

Drilling Superintendents

  • Ensure the correct management of the drilling operations by optimizing the assets and equipment and supervising the execution of the activities of his/her subordinates.

Drilling Engineers

  • Plan and design the well, monitor actual drilling phase of the well with an emphasis on cost and efficiency tracking and provide engineered solutions to real time problems as needed.

Well Engineers

  • Responsible for resolving critical engineering/operational issues, identifying chronic problems and proposing solutions, ensuring optimum technical solutions for field project development, and compliance with all Project/Contract metrics.

Well Completion Engineers

  • Supervise and execute production engineering programs with an objective to complete the wells by performing perforations, fracturing/stimulation and well testing to unlock wells' potential and assess their performance.

Reservoir Engineers

  • Delivery of Medium Term Production Forecast and support Integrated Production Plan (IPP)
  • Delivery of Short/medium term integrated reservoir studies if needed for better reservoir/wells performance.

Cementing Engineers

  • Technical support to rigs, Mud & Cement teams on continuous basis
  • Assess the performance of drilling fluids as per oil field standard API
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