Through design, commissioning and construction, onshore and offshore, Top Talent is perfectly placed to source an engineer for every occasion. We are a team of oil, gas and energy recruitment specialists, known for our experience in engineering, and understand the subtleties involved in every phase of the exploration and development – onshore or offshore, greenfield or brownfield sites.

Top Talent’s deep knowledge of the engineering industry means we have an in-depth understanding of task orientated and passionate engineering professionals. We know they’re committed and focused, and we’re perfectly placed to help them find the work they love.

Our areas of competence:

Civil Engineer

  • Performs layout, structural configuration development, analysis, and design of structural items of major size and complexity (such as decks, skids, modules, and jackets)

Structural Engineer

  • Prepares designs for assigned structures including research, system selection, analysis, and drawing preparation on projects ranging from moderate to large in size and complexity

Pipeline Engineer

  • Ensures that the contractors' design processes and procedures are adequate to fulfill contract requirements, and that the design meets the regulatory requirements.

Electrical Engineer

  • Provides general electrical engineering deliverables related to producing AFC electrical drawings and performing short circuit, load flow, protective relay coordination studies and arc-flash studies using ETAP.

Mechanical Engineer

  • Designs and oversees the manufacturing and function testing of the plant and equipment.

Process Engineer

  • Participates in the design of a process unit, including establishing process design basis, development of process options and optimization of selected design.

Project Engineer

  • Directs development of project scope, cost and schedule
  • Coordinates design, drawing development and field support for the on-going project

Discipline Engineer

  • Ensures all aspects of the PMC contract are enforced
  • Delivers engineering services to meet the project schedule and milestone of project

DCS Systems Engineer

  • Accountable for the operation, maintenance, and future strategy (design and implementation) of the site distributed control system (DCS).

Interface Engineer

  • Identifies all the interfaces for all stakeholders and contractors of the project. Leads creation and updating of the Interface Control Document (ICD) recorded within the interface register