Fintech sector has been on an exponential growth with more and more retail financial services being further digitized. The growth of this sector, driven by established global financial organizations and innovative start-ups, has created a surge in demand for Fintech professionals.

Having worked on Fintech requirements for financial institutions within the GCC since the last decade, Top Talent has the know-how of the required skills and an extensive network of ready-to-employ outsourced fintech professionals to help you with any Fintech professional requirement.

Our areas of competence

Blockchain Engineer & Consultant

  • Builds innovative software solutions using Blockchain technology

T24 Developer

  • Understands and is equipped to manage the T24 core banking system, builds software and has banking domain knowledge

Murex Developer

  • Manages the Murex platform’s array of features for capital market trading, risk management, backoffice operations, accounting functions, etc.

Base EPS Developer

  • Leads the Base EPS (ACI product) script development and support function for multiple banking application upgrades, fraud and mandatory compliance programs

Mobile Developer

  • Builds apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms. Integrates Apple pay, android pay, Samsung pay, Google wallet, etc

FinTech Developer

  • Software developer in C#, Java, Python, Android, SRE, iOS, full stack developers with knowledge or experience of the finance sector.