Safety, Quality Control & Inspection

Quality control involves monitoring products and services created by the company to ensure their output is of a high standard. In the industries we work with at Top Talent, clients and consumers expect the highest standards at all times. Therefore, Quality Assurance and Control jobs must be filled by the most skilled and dedicated candidates.

By employing highly skilled quality assurance and control staff, companies of all levels can be confident that every precaution is being taken to avoid errors, complications and defects in their work, and can focus on completing their projects and impressing their clients.

Our areas of competence:

QA/QC Engineer

  • Provide input to ITTs
  • Performs QA evaluations on received ITTs
  • Performs pre-award audits as required
  • Set up and monitor inspection assignments

QC Inspector

  • Performs inspection of various operations activities.
  • Identifies and reports non-conformance to known standards using various measuring and testing methods.
  • Assures that all products and processes represent the desired quality, safety, efficiency and reliability levels.